Prodictis SA

Process, Mechanical, Automation, Software, Test, Validation & Systems Engineering


We design and manufacture custom equipment to automate manual tasks for which “catalog” solutions are not applicable.

=> Equipment for the laboratory: Dosing of products with complex rheology, Mixing, Microdosing, Microfluidics.

=> Components and equipment for production: Pumps, Valves, Machinery, Miniplant.


- Core competencies: Take full responsibility of specifications, often multi-physical, to deliver an equipment fulfilling client’s requirements.

- Field of expertise: Handling of liquids and solids based on strong skills in fluid mechanics.

- Prototyping & pre-series: Production of prototypes and pre-series with extremely flexible manufacturing allowing to adapt to any modification during the life of the project.

- Mass production & Licensing: Manufacturing of equipment in series through approved companies or exclusively licensed to the client.


Our Process

1. Define: Every great product starts with conversations.
2. Validate: De-risking builds trust.
3. Quote: Price for engineering and equipment are written.
4. Design: 3D model and software interface are designed.
5. Approve: Both parties are satisfied with the design.
6. Build: Equipment is build. Changes are possible.
7. Commission: Functionality is validated.
8. Deliver: Equipment is delivered.
9. Serve: Global support.

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